Post-Anthropocene Architecture at NKD

Three months were spent at Nordic Artist’s Center Dale, researching and writing about Post-Anthropocene Architecture, as well as experimenting with it as a series of 20 quick sketches in space-time. These sketches are limited by landscape, materials, physics, time and tools. In each instance, the landscape was explored, on order to find areas with usable natural materials, within a relatively small area. Each sketch is improvised as its site and as such – in addition to looking for a suitable location with nearby materials – the process of its construction necessitates an extensive questioning of: Which non-human species are its intended users? How will they use it? How does it add capacity to the local environment (rather than being redundant or unnecessary)? As well as, how will its users contribute to and modify its construction?

To the right and under: The map of the project and some examples