About NKD

Established in 1998, the Nordic Artists’ Centre in Dale is a non-profit contemporary art institution owned by a self-sustained foundation and mainly supported by the Arts Council Norway. Since its foundation, NKD has created opportunities for emerging and established artists, designers, architects and curators to research, develop their practices and network with colleagues.

NKD’s original project was created by Oddleif Fagerheim and his wife Thora Nitter Fagerheim, who donated their house, Villa Lidskjalv, and terrain to the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Oddleif Fagerheim was a teacher and a politician from the Labour Party, particularly interested in culture and arts. During his 12 years in the Norwegian Parliament he pursued projects focused on environmental issues, communication and culture.

Besides fostering a highly respected international art-residency programme, NKD also regularly promotes open studios, workshops, seminars and exhibitions to the public.

The centre is open all year round for residencies. Our residents receive monthly stipends, individual studios and separate living spaces all located on site at NKD.

Applications are welcome from individuals, groups and art collectives. To maintain a high standard and an honest evaluation, the selection process is done by an appointed panel.

Our open calls are announced in January and February.

NKD strives to contribute to innovative creations while incubating collaborations between Norway and the international art world.

Board 2021-2023


Karin S. Woldseth – chair, Norway
Grete Kvinnesland, Norway
Samir M’Kadmi, Norway
Arvid Jarle Pettersen, Norway
Johan Börjesson, Sweden



Arild H Eriksen – director
Svein Ove Løseth – technician and caretaker