NKD is located in Dalsfjorden, a narrow fjord at the area of Askvoll, Fjaler and Sunnfjord. The village Dale is by the southern side of the fjord. Dalsfjorden and Vilnesfjorden is combined 43 km long. The river Gaula ends up in Dalsfjorden.

The easiest way to get to NKD is by car. If you’re coming from Bergen, it is usually a 3 hour drive. You can also arrive by bus, boat or plane. The local airport is Førde, Bringeland and the nearest ferry boats are Askvoll and Rysjedalsvika.

Due to the temperate waters from the Gulf Stream, Norway’s west coast has a much milder climate than other parts of the world at the same latitude. It is often cool and wet in Dale, so much so that clouds, rain, and wind dominate throughout the year.