At the studios

Adam Cruces (1985) is living and working in Zürich, Switzerland, but has his origins from Texas, USA. Adam is holding a masters degree in art & media, from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.
Adam is working with sculpture, painting and video. He has a CV of international activity dating back from 2012 until today. Adams works are represented in several Swiss and international collections. He is sharing studio with his partner Louisa Gagliardi when at NKD. Adam and Louisa will work independently in addition to some collaborative projects.

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Louisa Gagliardi (1989) is living and working in Zürich, Switzerland. Louisas main media is painting, but she do also work in the field of mixed media. Louisa holds a BFA from Ecole cantonale d´art Lausanne from 2012. Louisa started her professional career in 2014, and has been exhibiting extensively since then, solo and group shows alike. Louisa is represented in a number of international art magazines. She is sharing studio with Adam Cruces when at NKD. They will work on independent projects as well as collaborative projects.

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